Ember.js Custom Select with Change Event Callback

August 18, 2014

We want to implement basic change callback functionality on a Ember Select , sadly its not part of the ember select view, if you searched about how to implement it, most of the answers would be: make an observable, the hard part if you want to save data when the select changes, that would fire the observable indefinitely and to work around it you would have to hack it

The solution actually is very basic, we just have to extend the Ember.Select and add onChange callback function

App.SelectView = Ember.Select.extend({
  change: function () {
    var self = this
    var callback = this.get('onChange')
    if (callback) {
      Em.run.later(function () {

call to this._super() its mandatory.

And to call it

{{view App.SelectView
  prompt=’Select Item’

Written by Nadeem Khedr citizen of the world, you can find me on Twitter & Github