Making a game with React and Redux: 01 Getting Started

February 09, 2017

In this series, I am creating a typing game with React and Redux. Including setting up a backlog, CI, and Testing. You can find the project here

This post is part of the “Making a game with React and Redux” series

  1. Getting Started <-
  2. Plan, Define, Build Process
  3. Core Mechanics

I’m relatively new to React/Redux when it comes to real world experience but I’ve read a whole ton about them, and I am comfortable enough to build an app with the stack

I’m a huge fan of the redux architecture, I’ve written about elm and how I’ve loved it (Redux uses the same archetecture), now I want to get real with building an app.

In this series I want to show as much as possible of the process of creating a real world project, starting with creating backlog to setting up a CI and testing to building the app. In every blog I’ll talk about what I should have done, what problems I had, and how did I get around solving them.

I will make this whole thing open source, added a project to GitHub and all the backlog will be there

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